Promoting young artists in Alaska 
Young Emerging Artists, Inc.

Young Emerging Artists, Inc is supported in part by a grant from the Alaska State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts
Welcome to the YEA website!

Young Emerging Artists, Inc. (YEA), is a non-profit arts organization committed to encouraging and assisting young aspiring Alaskan artists, through a balanced combination of charitable and educational efforts, to unlock their potential and achieve standards of excellence while bringing their work to the attention of the public.

Conceiving, developing, implementing, sponsoring and maintaining progress in the performing and creative arts (dance, media arts, literature, theater, music, visual arts) will remain the focus of projects and opportunities. Strengthening research, creative works and performances in the arts before the public throughout Alaska will be supported while improving the quality of life, providing an incentive for artistic growth and career development of artists.


  • Recognize the arts are essential to the lives of everyone and supporting emerging new generation artists is integral to the vitality of healthy thriving communities.

  • Support opportunities for young emerging artists to achieve their fullest potential career goals and standards of artistic excellence.

  • Initiate and sponsor the annual Regional/National Scholastic Arts & Writing competition.